Nokia representative promises Ovi improvements

2 December 2009 — 5:00 PM

Nokia's N900 is just one of its futuristic devices

A spokesman for one handset manufacturer has discussed some of its future plans that involve its online application technology - which might interest those selling mobile phones to pay for one of its devices.

Nokia's executive vice-president of services Tero Ojanpera spoke to Om Malik of the GigaOM Network this week and suggested there were big things ahead for its Ovi Store.

Having been around for five months, the online application and services portal has not been without its problems, he said, but added increased focus on certain areas would help bolster the product further down the line.

Mapping was one such area highlighted in the interview, as was open source opportunities and gaming.

"We have ten million touch devices in the market right now," Mr Ojanpera added, noting that these would be key to the future. "We want development of games faster and easier on the Nokia platform."

Those recycling mobile phones looking to take advantage of the above may want to consider replacement handsets like the N97, N900 and E71.

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