Mobile gaming 'thrives alongside other platforms'

2 December 2009 — 10:17 AM

Mobile gaming is thriving, the report suggests

A new study has looked at how handset-based gaming is performing next to other platforms in terms of popularity.

Those recycling mobile phones for a device that is equipped with the latest playable technologies - such as Nokia's N-Gage powered N900 - may be interested to hear the area is doing very well.

Compared with the major platforms of consoles like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, mobile is still in the smaller bracket alongside massively multiplayer online gaming - but all are in good health.

Published by Today's Gamers, the study revealed mobile and web-based titles account for 16 per cent of consumers spending in the area in the UK and 23 per cent in the US.

However, for fans of home systems there is now a wide range of popular console titles that have been ported across to handsets, such as Call of Duty, Need For Speed: Undercover and FIFA 2010.

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