Recycling a mobile 'can have a big impact'

9 December 2009 — 10:17 AM

People can cut down on water contamination by recycling old mobiles

Small personal actions - such as recycling an old mobile phone for cash - can have an impact at a national and global level, according to the executive director of an environmental advocacy group.

Rock the Earth's Shawn Kilmurray commented that a mobile phone that has been disposed of improperly could contaminate up to 40,000 gallons of drinking water, QSR magazine reported.

He added that this is because toxic substances contained in the handset may enter the ecosystem when they are incinerated or taken to landfill.

But by contrast, when mobiles are recycled properly, the metals they contain are reclaimed, eliminating the release of toxic chemicals and potentially leading to less mining, he added.

Furthermore, refurbished handsets can be given to people who need them, including those who are staying in women's shelters.

A UK council recently commented that people throw away an estimated 15 per cent more rubbish during the December festive season.

Erewash Borough Council recently urged residents to think twice about binning old mobiles and suggested they consider recycling their handsets instead, according to the Ilkeston Advertiser.

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