Phone recycling goes global

11 December 2009 — 3:58 PM

Phone recycling is getting more popular

The trend of recycling mobile phones has reached Uganda after calls from handset manufacturer Nokia.

According to the Daily Monitor, Nokia is asking owners of old mobile phones and accessories to recycle them, which it hopes will reduce carbon emissions during the burning of thrown-out electronic items.

Nokia's east and southern Africa communications manager Dorothy Ooko told the newspaper that the company is prepared to collect old handsets and any accompanying accessories.

"If your phone is just lying there and for the past year you haven't used it, may be its time to bring it so we ... make the environment a better place to be," she commented.

It is understood that Nokia can use mobile recycling to make new products more cheaply, with old handsets being viewed as a raw material.

Regional distributors Simba Telecom and Midcom have joined forces with Nokia to collect unwanted mobile phones, ensuring that mobile recycling has become easy in this region of Africa.

It is possible to earn up to £200 from recycling mobile phones, with money being paid via PayPal, a cheque or Argos vouchers.

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