Recycling your mobile? The Samsung Omnia Lite could replace it

11 December 2009 — 3:57 PM

The Omnia Pro is another phone in Samsung's range

With many people recycling mobile phones, a perfect replacement for that old handset may be the Samsung Omnia Lite.

Despite its name, the mobile boasts a number of features and runs the new Windows Phone operating system recently launched by Microsoft, Trusted Reviews reports.

Central to its appeal, the website explains, is the fact that it looks like a normal mobile and not a smartphone. It is tall and thin, meaning that it is comfortable to hold, unlike some of its chunkier rivals.

"Design-wise the phone is also much more angular than recent curvy models from Samsung like the youth-orientated Genio Touch, but this does at least give it a more grown up feel," the review states.

Individuals who have earned money from old mobile phones may noticed that Microsoft has updated some parts of the gadget's interface, including the Lock screen, the Start menu and the Today screen.

Samsung says that the Omnia Lite is centred around "fun and functionality", with the handset doubling up as a "mobile office".

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