Nokia 5235 Comes With Music is launched

11 December 2009 — 3:47 PM

The Nokia 5235 could be a great gift this Christmas

A new music phone has been launched - the Nokia 5235 Comes With Music.

It offers users an unlimited amount of free music over a 12 or 18-month contract and is due to hit high streets in the new year.

According to Nokia, the handset "boasts the perfect mix of size, usability and of course as much music as users could ever want".

Tunes can be downloaded using the Nokia Music Store, accessible from the homescreen, or via a PC.

Users simply need to access the Music Store, enter their pin code and begin to browse songs.

Alongside 33 hours of music playback time, the phone also incorporates a camera, a touchscreen and an expandable memory of up to 16GB.

It also includes Ovi apps and services.

The new handset may be a perfect option for consumers who have received money for old mobile phones by using recycling schemes.

Nokia has given some advice to those thinking about recycling their handsets such as storing personal details and data onto another device before deleting from the phone.

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