Environment news: Chancellor rolls out greener measures

11 December 2009 — 3:44 PM

Ed Miliband is secretary of state for energy and climate change

Chancellor Alistair Darling has announced a wave of new funding for green economy recovery measures to be implemented in the UK.

As outlined in the government's pre-Budget report, a greater emphasis will be placed on carbon capture and storage technology, while £200 million is being set aside to boost energy efficiency and eradicate fuel poverty.

The renewable energy sector is set to expand, with a new facility in Northumberland focussing on the testing of wind turbine blades.

An additional £150 million will go towards the implementation of low-carbon technologies, secretary of state for energy and climate change Ed Miliband confirmed.

"We have a unique opportunity, as we recover from the global economic downturn, to ensure that the UK builds a low-carbon economy fit for the future," he explained.

Those wanting to do their bit for the environment can earn money from recycling mobile phones, instead of simply throwing them away.

Taking environmental action has never been more important, with the earth's temperature having increased by 0.75 degrees C over the last century.

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