Recycling your mobile? New INQ phone could be worth a look

14 December 2009 — 10:33 AM

The INQ Chat 3G could be a good Christmas pressie

INQ's new product could be just what social media networkers were waiting for to recycle their mobile phone.

Whether your platform of choice is Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger or all three, the INQ Chat 3G could cover all the bases as it can run several applications at once.

According to the manufacturer, the INQ Chat 3G is among only a few on the market to offer free Gmail access that will register new message arrivals in real-time with no waiting.

iTunes and Windows Media Player media syncing for PCs and Macs are features that could support INQ's claim that this mobile can offer the "full range of functionality" PC users could be used to.

Julie Snape, head of marketing for, commented: “Social media has become an essential feature of the modern mobile phone - the popularity of our own Facebook and Twitter sites proves just how important these platforms are. This handset will be a must-have upgrade for Facebook fans and Tweeters alike!”

Available at 3Stores across the country, the INQ Chat 3G is available on a £15-a-month contract and includes unlimited internet access, texts, 3-3 calls and 75 any-network minutes.

Those for whom connectivity is a priority could also be interested in another new 3Store offer - the MiFi-enabled iPod touch.

For £23 a month on a two-year contract, this device allows users to download music and applications as well as do all the surfing they would do on their PC.

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