Recycling 'especially important' at Christmas

16 December 2009 — 9:14 AM

Old mobiles should be recycled at Christmas rather than sent to landfill

It is particularly important for people to consider their environmental impact at Christmas - when UK households throw away an estimated 15 per cent more waste than at other times of the year.

This is according to Jane Hutchinson, recycling assistant at the Kimberley Depot in Nottinghamshire, who told the Eastwood Advertiser that those who receive new gadgets - such as mobile handsets - should take care when they dispose of their old phones.

She suggested that old mobiles can be recycled, as can other electrical items such as games consoles and hair dryers, to cut down on their environmental impact.

Dave Clarke, online marketing manager for, commented: "Everyone knows to recycle their wrapping paper and cardboard boxes at Christmas – it's become second nature to most of us now - but people are still unaware that they can do the same with their unwanted electrical products. So when you've written your thank-you letter to Santa, make sure you get those old handsets in the post!"

Last week, Shawn Kilmurray of Rock the Earth told QSR magazine that each mobile that has been disposed of improperly could contaminate up to 40,000 gallons of drinking water.

Recycling old handsets could keep harmful chemicals out of the ecosystem and re-claim metals - which could potentially result in less mining in the long-term, he added.

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