Orange phones 'can help you de-stress'

17 December 2009 — 5:20 PM

Orange says it can help people de-stress

People with Orange phones will be able to unwind and de-stress through a dedicated Relaxation Line, it has been revealed.

The mobile phone network provides sounds such as waves lapping on Brighton beach, a woodland forest and the calming crackle of a log fire with the intention of providing people with some time out from their day.

Studies conducted by behavioural therapists showed how soothing, calming sounds that can help melt away stress led to the launch of the line.

Richard Schoch, professor of the history of culture at the University of London and author of The Secrets of Happiness, said: "Recent studies show that listening to recorded sounds of the ocean for just 12 minutes can lower both the pulse and blood pressure."

Mobile phone users on Monkey, the pay-as-you-go mobile package from Orange and 4Music, were provided with world exclusive access to the new Eminem album Relapse: Refill 24-hours before its worldwide release.

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