No incinerators for Surrey 'thanks to recycling'

17 December 2009 — 5:11 PM

Recycling is a hit in Surrey

Successful recycling initiatives in Surrey have ensured that plans to build Energy from Waste (EfW) incinerators are no longer necessary.

Instead, Surrey County Council has revealed that it will continue to concentrate on reducing the amount of waste produced in the region by encouraging people to reuse things where they can and recycle as much as possible when things cannot be reused.

It is hoped that the new plans will lead to a 35,000-tonne reduction in the amount of household waste that needs to be dealt with every year.

Leader of the council Dr Andrew Povey said: "I am very pleased to announce that we are scrapping plans for any EfW incinerators in Surrey."

He added that residents are now doing so well at producing less waste and recycling more that the local authority is able to consider alternative methods of dealing with waste which could save money as well as the local countryside.

Of course, recycling mobile phones is just one way people can do their bit for the planet, as well as making some cash.

Conservative Party member Dr Povey was elected to the council in May 1993.

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