Selling your old mobile? Go green with new Sony Ericsson

17 December 2009 — 8:33 AM

The Hazel could be great for 2010

Mobile communications group Sony Ericsson has unveiled two new eco-friendly phones.

The Sony Ericsson Elm phone and the Sony Ericsson Hazel phone - along with their accessory the Bluetooth Noise Shield Handsfree VH700 - provide those considering mobile recycling in the US with an eco-friendly alternative.

Fortune Alexander, global marketing director at the group said that the phones offer easy-to-use social networking features.

Steve Alder, general manager of group and UK devices for O2, added: "As an industry it is essential we embrace innovation in this area and incorporating greener credentials across our product portfolio is certainly a focus for us moving forwards."

In addition, Sony Ericsson pointed out that the two new products offer those getting rid of used phones in the US with an educated green choice that does not compromise on design and functionality.

According to the company, the Noise Shield function filters out any noise going on around the user, so that they do not have to shout to make themselves heard.

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