Recycling your old mobile? Consider a smartphone

18 December 2009 — 5:46 PM

Smartphones such as BlackBerrys are becoming more popular

Those who have come into some cash after recycling their old mobile phoe may wish to consider a smartphone as their next handset of choice.

Mobile magazine editor James Atkinson noted that the newest handsets are more like a type of "pocket computer" than a phone alone and noted that within the past decade, mobiles have emerged as a must-have item.

Devices such as BlackBerrys make it easier for people to switch between a range of applications, including making calls, managing their schedule with a personal organiser, checking email and using social networking sites.

Phones are more integrated than ever before, he added, with people now using their handsets to multi-task.

He explained: "We are all basically walking around with little computers now."

Those who plan to recycle their mobiles to cash may find that their money goes further in 2010 when it comes to purchasing a new smartphone.

Research published by Gartner on December 15th noted that the price of this type of handset may come down by three per cent within the next year.

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