ESA criticises Copenhagen 'cop-out'

21 December 2009 — 4:59 PM

Recycling mobile phones could lower carbon emissions

The Environmental Services Association (ESA) has voiced its criticism of the non-binding Accord agreed at the United Nations climate change summit in Copenhagen.

However, the organisation has also outlined that progress is being made to reduce waste sent to landfill and encourage more small businesses in the UK to adopt environmentally-friendly policies, reports Letsrecycle.

It has stated that members of the organisation have helped to cut the emissions that are associated with waste management by 58 per cent, in comparison to cuts of 16 per cent nationally.

Dirk Hazell, ESA's chief executive, commented: "After months of emitting bombast and millions of global warming air miles, world governments failed to agree binding limits on emissions in Copenhagen."

He added that recycling was one example of an area that has significant potential to cut carbon emissions, which can be achieved through recycling mobile phones.

Jon Butler, creative brand manager for, commented: "Climate change is a massive issue, which can seem far too big and complicated to tackle on an individual level. But by making a simple contribution, like recycling your old mobile phone, we can all take a little step towards solving the bigger problem."

Friends of the Earth's executive director Andy Atkins also criticised the Copenhagen summit stating that "time is running out".

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