Recycling old mobile phones could benefit the environment

22 December 2009 — 2:05 PM

Environmental benefits of recycling old mobile phones

Receiving money for old mobile phones may be an option that some people want to consider to benefit the environment, following recent suggestions.

The government is offering consumers a range of tips heading into the new year, which could prove to minimise environmental damage, on its DirectGov site.

People who want to save money in 2010 could benefit from implementing some of the environmental changes that can be found on the site, which include recycling an old mobile phone and other household appliances.

Other simple measures suggested by the site include saving energy within the home, insulating walls and roofs and turning off electronic items that are not in use.

A 2008 study carried out by the mobile phone network T-Mobile revealed that despite 88 per cent of people claiming to recycle domestically, less than 50 per cent of people say that they recycle mobile phones and other electronic goods.

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