Smartphones 'growing in popularity'

22 December 2009 — 8:57 AM

Smartphones increasing in popularity, research suggests

Smartphones may prove to be an increasingly attractive option for consumers looking to recycle their mobile phone, if recent research is anything to go by.

Recent research by Airwide Solutions found that close to half - 44 per cent - of people surveyed ranked GPS-enabled navigation devices as the top technology innovation of the last decade.

Rosemary Hattersley, associate editor at PC Advisor, said: "Smartphones such as the iPhone or the Google Nexus are where the biggest growth market is happening, certainly. Whether they will supersede the desktop PC, though, is quite unlikely."

She added that the handheld gadget side of computing would see the biggest surge in interest in the coming months.

According to Gartner 14 per cent of total mobile devices sales in 2009 will be smartphones - an increase of 23.6 per cent from 2008. By 2013 it is anticipated that the current levels will rise by 38 per cent.

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