Selling your old mobile? Spotify application could influence your upgrade

23 December 2009 — 2:39 PM

Spotify launched on a range of Nokia handsets

3UK has announced the launch of a Spotify for Symbian application which will be available on a number of handsets.

Those looking to trade in their old phone could be tempted by the catalogue of more than six million music tracks which are available through Spotify on their phone.

Users of handsets such as the Nokia N97, Nokia 5800, Nokia E63, Nokia N95 and Nokia N86 will be able to access the music database.

Consumers who enjoy music may want to take advantage of the technology, available through handsets on the network, which will cost £9.99 a month over six months to access.

Spotify mobile allows music fans to share and enjoy a huge range of music through their mobile phone.

Instant access to music is one of the main features of Spotify as users are not required to download individual tracks in order to listen to them.

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