High-definition calls could encourage mobile phone recycling

4 January 2010 — 11:46 AM

Those looking to trade in their old mobile phone may want to consider upgrading to a HD Voice-enabled handset.

It is hoped that consumers on the Orange network will be able to hold high-definition calls from later on this year, with a number of leading handset manufacturers working to make the technology compatible.

Tom Alexander, chief executive officer of Orange UK, said: “Orange is proud to be leading the industry into the next decade by announcing a new standard in voice innovation that will transform the mobile experience for customers in the UK."

He added that HD Voice is an innovation for mobile phones as it sounds as if the callers are in the same room and that once people have tried it they will not want to go back.

At the end of September 2009, Orange had more than 17 million customers in the UK

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