Google could provide consumers with more options when upgrading their used phones

7 January 2010 — 11:46 AM

Google's attempt to break into the mobile phone market with the Nexus One could provide consumers with an attractive opportunity to sell their used mobile phones, if reports are anything to go by.

The new handset will be made available to Vodafone customers in the UK "soon" the network suggests - other providers may be set to follow.

Nexus One uses the Android operating system which experts have described as one of the first realistic challengers to Apple's iPhone.

Ludwig Makhyan, founder of, said: "It has been rumoured for several years that they will launch a Google phone. None of the steps they took were that important - except for Android."

He added that a smartphone is another attempt to emerge into the mobile market with more power and "no dependency on other manufacturer's products".

The Wall Street Journal reported that Android phones - many of which hit the market in recent months - have not sold nearly as well as Apple's iPhone.

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