Cola-powered phone could protect the environment

14 January 2010 — 7:00 PM

Consumers could soon be able to protect the environment with a green phone that is powered by sugary liquid - such as cola.

Although still in development, the phone could help to protect the environment from the damage that phone batteries sent to landfill can cause, while recycling an old mobile phone can help to prevent this harm being caused.

Users could also save energy by reducing the need to charge their handset via traditional methods.

London-based designer Daizi Zheng, who is working on the design, said: "I found that phone battery as a power source, it is expensive, consuming valuable resources on manufacturing, presenting a disposal problem and harmful to the environment."

She added that the concept of the phone is to use a bio battery to replace a traditional battery and create a "pollution free environment".

Although the current bio batteries would struggle to generate enough power needed to make a call, improvement in technology could see the phones hitting the shelves within five years.

The Environmental Services Association recently reported that progress is being made to reduce waste sent to landfill.

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