Consumers wanting the iPhone 'moving to Vodafone'

15 January 2010 — 5:35 PM

Consumers wanting to get their hands on an Apple iPhone are now provided with another option when wanting to purchase the phone, following the launch of the handset on Vodafone.

Mobile recycling may be an option that some people want to consider to get cash to go towards the handset.

Vodafone retail director Terry O'Brien suggested to Mobile News that the iPhone was trading extremely well on its first day of launch (January 14th and that there would be a good balance between the number of new connections and upgrades of the device.

"I've had a lot of emails from stores saying that they've connected many customers who have moved onto the Vodafone network from O2 and Orange and we're expecting to see this trend continue because our tariffs are very competitive," he said.

The Apple iPhone is now available on the networks O2, Tesco, Orange and Vodafone.

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