Vodafone aims to provide 'total coverage' to mobile phone users

19 January 2010 — 4:01 PM

Consumers considering selling a used mobile in order to upgrade could be interested in a new product from the Vodafone network which promises to provide them with a guaranteed signal on their handset.

Vodafone Sure Signal is a small plug-in box which aims to ensure that users are able to make the most of all the features of their handset, including 3G coverage to access the internet, while in their home.

One in five Brits says that they have missed an important event or occasion because of a lack of signal and one in 50 would even consider moving house for better indoor coverage.

"No other network in the UK can ensure a great mobile phone signal in the home, because the Sure Signal is unique to Vodafone," says Guy Laurence, chief executive officer of Vodafone UK.

He added that customers have described the box as "life changing" as if they live or work in somewhere like a basement then it could be the only way to get consistent coverage.

Vodafone has recently made the Apple iPhone available to its customers.

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