Nokia provides "pocket guidebook"

22 January 2010 — 4:00 PM

Nokia has revealed further details following the announcement that its OviMaps services will be made available for free, which could benefit people with Nokia handsets.

The mobile phone manufacturer has stated that in addition to global satellite navigation, people with its mobiles will be able access a range of extra service about the area that they are in, including weather and entertainment information.

Consumers could be encouraged to recycle their old mobile phone to upgrade to a new handset and start to take advantage of the service which is described as a "pocket guidebook".

More than 1,000 destinations will be covered by the service and consumers will have access to a range of information tailored to cover an area within three kilometres of their location.

There should also be little concern about tracking down any location that users decide to visit, as their handset will provide spoken instructions to navigate them.

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