Mobile technology 'an important factor for the games industry'

28 January 2010 — 12:00 PM

Improved mobile phone technology will be an important factor for the UK games industry in the year ahead, it has been suggested.

Consumers could see mobile recycling as an option to consider, in order to upgrade their current handset to a new device.

Nick Parker, chief executive officer at Parker Consulting, speaking at the Westminster eForum keynote seminar for the UK computer and video games industry, said: "Mobile was a market potentially in decline until the arrival of the iPhone and the App Store, which has rejuvenated the mobile gaming sector."

He added that there are other operating systems which are pushing gaming, such as Android.

According to a survey by TNS and games industry portal, the introduction of the iPhone and other smartphones in the UK increased the number of people using the mobile telephone as a gaming device to 20 per cent in the last year, double the level achieved in other European countries.

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