Motorola 'top Android manufacturer'

1 February 2010 — 11:57 AM

Motorola is likely to become the world's top manufacturer of Android-powered handsets this year, it has been suggested.

According to research by Digitimes, 34.7 per cent of Motorola's shipments in 2010 will be Android phones

This is in comparison to HTC, which will see 31.9 per cent of shipments being handsets using the operating system.

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Two-million shipments of the Droid - equivalent to 25 per cent of global Android phone sales - were seen in less than a quarter following its launch in late October last year.

Seven more Android-based smartphones have been released since then and industry sources suggest that the manufacturer plans to launch 30 more this year.
Motorola's chief executive officer Sanjay Jha recently confirmed that the mobile manufacture is working on a Google phone.

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