Mobile users 'can enjoy both Buzz and Facebook'

11 February 2010 — 4:00 PM

Social networking could expand on mobile phones

Mobile phone consumers need not pick between Buzz - the social networking utility revealed by the search engine giant Google this week - and Facebook, an expert has suggested.

Google announced the launch of Buzz via its official blog and its features are said to include status updates, private and public sharing of content such as videos, links, posts and photos and the capability to comment on other users' posts.

Jason Fells, a social media consultant and founder of Social Media Explorer, said: "I wouldn't call Buzz a social network but rather a way to bring more socialisation to Gmail and your Google-specific contacts. Google and Facebook are at present two very different animals."

He added that people are not going to stop using Facebook because of Buzz, in the same way that they are not going to think Google is less useful because Facebook provides them with status updates.

According to Facebook, its site has more than 400 million registered users, 50 per cent of whom log into their accounts on a daily basis.

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