Techonology could prevent mobile phone crime

12 February 2010 — 7:01 PM

Three new design innovations which aim to prevent mobile phone crime, including a device that locks a phone and alerts the owner if it is taken away from them, have been unveiled.

Consumers considering selling their used mobile phones for cash to put towards a new handset could be pleased to hear that their device could soon be able to make use of new security measures to prevent it from being stolen.

The Home Office has given its approval to plans to halt crimes such as mobile phone identity fraud, which increased by more than 70 per cent last year.

Home Office minister Alan Campbell said: "I believe the solutions developed by this challenge have the potential to be as successful as previous innovations like Chip and Pin, which reduced fraud on lost or stolen cards to an all time low - and would encourage industry to continue working with us and take them up."

Users of smartphones could find the measures to be especially important and phones could potentially soon be used by a number of people for a range of sensitive tasks such as online banking.

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