Google 'should do more to attract consumers'

17 February 2010 — 11:50 AM

Nexus One could be an upgrade option

Google should be looking to do more to encourage people to purchase its Nexus One handset if it wants consumers to choose it over the already well-established iPhone, an expert has suggested.

The search engine unveiled the handset last month but early sales from its online webstore did not match up to its competitors.

Research from mobile applications analytics company Flurry found that the device was outsold by the Apple iPhone 3GS by more than 80 times in its launch week, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G by three times and the Motorola DROID by over 12 times.

James Atkinson, editor of Mobile, said that if the company introduced Google Voice to their mobile phone then "they really would have something which would jump the market in the way the iPhone did. It's a question in the end of is that what they really want to do?"

Such a move could encourage consumers to recycle their old mobile phones to receive cash to put towards purchasing the handset, as he adds it would provide users with "international calls for a penny a minute".

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