Vodafone develops handsets for developing nations

18 February 2010 — 4:30 PM

Developing nations to benefit from new handsets?

Vodafone has announced it is to launch two ultra low-cost mobile handsets for the developing markets across Africa and India.

Users of the mobiles - the Vodafone 150 and 250 - will be able to make voice calls, text and conduct mobile banking using services such as Africa's M-Pesa service.

The phones will retail at a price reported to be less than $15 (£9.50) and $20 respectively.

Mike Short, president of the Mobile Data Association, said: "It's a very important move with so many unbanked customers around the world. But, it is more important that [the phones] are secure for banking and can couple in a reasonable range of messaging capability."

He added that no other electronics product around the world is provided with such a wide developer community or as large a research and development market to look at.

Consumers could also benefit developing nations by choosing mobile recycling as an option.

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