Facebook pushes for mobile phone users

22 February 2010 — 3:42 PM

Facebook for mobiles

Consumers thinking about taking up a cash for mobile phones plan in order to get a new model have been given more incentive to do so after Facebook announced a new slim-line version of its website for mobiles.

Unveiled at the World Mobile Congress, the new adaptation of the popular social networking site – called Zero – aims to increase the number of people connecting with their family and friends via their handset.

According to web experts the Social Media Portal, Facebook has already "conquered" the internet and is now hoping to do the same on the mobile phone platform with its stripped-down version.

Tim Gibbon, co-founder of the group, commented: "Facebook is a social utility, so it is naturally looking to work with mediums that are relevant to its audiences. Mobile phones are a natural progression because of the sheer number of them."

Global Systems for Mobiles Association data shows that Facebook counts for more users, page views and time spent on mobile internet than any other facility.

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