Protecting the environment 'a priority' for mobile users

5 March 2010 — 11:51 AM

Mobile recycling can protect the environment

Nokia has asked consumers about some of the features that they would like to see introduced to smartphones in the future.

The mobile manufacturer revealed that it received a range of suggestions from users with some of the more interesting including features such as dual screen, fold out screen and and the suggestion of 3D displays.

However, it found that people most wanted to see handsets become truly mobile and put an end to the need for wires, which are currently an essential part of all devices whether for charging or transferring data.

The environment was also important - something that can currently be protected by mobile recycling - as Nokia reported a demand for green battery power to be introduced and the operator stated it "will continue to push this topic as a matter of course".

Writing on the Nokia Conversation blog recently, writer Mike stated that the new Nokia C5 had caused "a tsunami of incoming traffic" relating to information about the device.

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