Google 'could have a big impact on the smartphone market'

8 March 2010 — 11:39 AM

An upgrade option?

Google could still have as big an impact on the smartphone market as Apple did with the iPhone, an expert has suggested.

Mobile recycling could prove to be an option worth considering for consumers who would like to receive cash to put towards a new handset such as the Google Nexus One.

Stock analysis service Trefis has predicted that the search engine giant could sell as many as five million phones this year following its link up with Vodafone in Europe.

James Atkinson, editor of Mobile, said: "Who knows with Google? They always have that ability to suddenly change direction and come up with a surprise like the iPhone."

He added that it was a surprise that Apple created such a popular handset with the iPhone and that people "wouldn't want to bet against Google doing something like that".

Google unveiled its first mobile device, the Nexus One, on January 5th this year.

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