Measures to make keeping a number easier could encourage mobile recycling

15 March 2010 — 5:54 PM

Mobile recycling an option to consider?

Consumers could soon find that mobile recycling is a more tempting offer than ever before thanks to plans to introduce measures that will make keeping a mobile number easier when switching networks.

Research from found that 18 million - 40 per cent - of mobile phone users have never switched networks, in many cases because they are worried about losing their existing number.

This means that mobile users are missing out a potential £1.5 billion every year by not taking advantage of cheaper deals.

Currently six out of ten customers keep their existing phone number when they switch to a new network.

Although it is possible for a mobile number to be switched, the inconvenience of obtaining an authorisation code from their old mobile is putting some people off from doing so. However, Ofcom has called for this process to be made easier and when implemented mobile recycling could be an option well worth considering.

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