Mobile recycling worth considering for Google Nexus One?

15 March 2010 — 11:18 AM

Nexus One could be an upgrade option

Consumers could soon find themselves with a reason to recycle an old mobile phone for cash as the UK launch of the Google Nexus One is imminent.

Mobile operator Vodafone has created a way for people to express an interest in the device ahead of further details being released.

Currently the Google Nexus One is available to buy SIM free from the Google Phone Store, however, UK customers could find that if a problem develops with their handset then returning it for repair is an issue.

Website suggests that waiting may be a more preferable option for those that want to get their hands on the mobile which promises users a 1-Ghz processor, more than 20,000 downloadable apps and a five-megapixel camera.

Vodafone customers could be interested to know that the company recently announced that from every £1 donated by users of the operator's mobile phones via text message £0.90 will be donated to charity.

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