Nokia asks: How can we protect the environment?

16 March 2010 — 7:22 PM

Recycling an old mobile could help you protect the environment.

Nokia has asked consumers what issues they feel are the most important for the mobile manufacturer to consider in order to protect the environment.

The Nokia Conversations blog reports the inspiration for the environmental debate came thanks to an online discussion hosted by newspaper the Guardian last week - during which questions ranged from green mobiles to sustainable products and ethical buying.

"Do you think Nokia should be focusing efforts on recycling, reducing packaging or energy consumption? Or something else entirely?" the blog asks readers.

People who are interested in helping to protect the environment and would be thankful of receiving cash for their efforts could wish to consider mobile recycling as an option.

Disposing of mobile phones via landfill can prove extremely harmful to the environment, so consumers may prefer to recycle their handset and see it re-used in a developing country.

Environmental news brought to you by, the company that offsets over 6 tonnes of carbon per day!

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