Ideal mobile phone screen 'is 4 inches'

23 March 2010 — 5:20 PM

Large mobile phone screens

A four-inch mobile phone screen appears to be the most popular size among consumers, according to a new survey by Nokia.

Detailed on Nokia Conversations, the results of the poll have found that if people are going to sell used mobile phones, they would rather purchase one with a fairly large screen.

The size of the screen also impacts the height of the device and technology has some way to go before borderless screens will be widely available, explained JBC, writing on the website.

It was also asked whether a device can be manufactured that is ever thin enough.

Indeed, people may decide to recycle mobile phones in order to upgrade to a thinner, lighter handset.

Commenting on progress that Nokia devices have made, the author said: "With the advent of nanotechnology driving this further, there'll no doubt come a time where the depth of a device simply won't be an issue, because it'll be considered 'thin enough'."

The Nokia Conversations website recently asked how the environment could be protected.

One way this could be done is encouraging customers to recycle their old mobile phones to ensure they are disposed of legally and properly.ADNFCR-2059-ID-19684316-ADNFCR

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