Nokia reports app success

25 March 2010 — 7:40 PM

Mobile recycling an option to consider?

Nokia has reported a successful of uptake of one of its apps, with more than one million downloads from its Ovi Store.

The mobile manufacturer revealed that although the Shazam application was not the first to receive this number of downloads, it achieved success around the world.

Nokia Conversations said: "Within 48 hours of landing on Ovi Store, Shazam had been downloaded in 178 countries."

It added that since then Shazam has since been downloaded in more than 200 countries and on to 40 different Nokia mobile phones.

Mobile recycling with Envirofone could be one option that consumers would like to consider when wishing to upgrade their existing handset.

Those wanting a phone that can make use of a range of downloadable apps could opt for a Nokia handset and start using OviStore.

It has recently been revealed the Nokia E72 is to be made available on 3UK.

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