Navigation 'made easier with your mobile phone'

6 April 2010 — 6:00 PM

Mobile phone users could find their way with Ovi Maps.

Mobile recycling may be one option worth considering for those who like to keep track of where they are heading.

People with a love of travelling could find that selling their existing mobile for cash with Envirofone provides them with money to put towards a new handset that can make use of Nokia Ovi Maps.

Nokia Conversations blogger JBC stated that he began to wonder how the creators of Ovi Maps dealt with introducing updates to the application and was told they offered "regular updates" as often as "three or four times a year" and are available to the user for free.

The writer suggests that consumers who have not updated their maps for a while may wish to get rid of the old map data on their device and update it with the latest maps from Ovi Suite or Map Loader.

A recent survey by Nokia found that new graphics - such as fades and transitions when looking at photos - is one of the most anticipated features on new mobile phones.

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