Mobile recycling could keep you up to date with technology

12 April 2010 — 4:00 PM

Mobile recycling an option to consider?

Mobile recycling an old phone may be an option worth considering for parents looking to make back some of the money their child spends on the latest technology.

Selling an old mobile phone with Envirofone might provide people with the cash they need to keep up with their children's demands for the newest handset.

A recent report from Halifax found that children in the UK spend an average of £383 on technology - including mobile phones - each year.

It also found almost three quarters of children own a mobile phone - 74 per cent - with bills averaging £104.04 per year and one way in which parents could help to minimise the cost is with mobile recycling.

Richard Sharp, founder of Gadgets and Gizmos, said: "Today's technology is part of children's lives, they grow up with it and embrace it. It comes naturally to them because they do not know any different."

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