Nokia asks: which hand do you use your mobile phone in?

14 April 2010 — 4:00 PM

Mobile recycling might see you change which hand you use your phone in.

Mobile recycling to upgrade to a new phone might see people switch the hand they use to operate their phone, if recent findings are anything to go by.

Nokia Conservations blog hosted a poll to discover the habits of mobile phone users and find out which hand they use to work their device.

The right hand bagged the 44 per cent majority vote, 16 per cent stated they used their left and 38 per cent chose to use both hands and switch depending on what function they were using.

Blogger Rhiain commented on the findings saying: "Interestingly some of you use different hands to operate different functions on the phone.

Texting and navigating with the right and making calls with the left. Does this again come down to the type of phone you use?"

It could be something worth thinking about for people who opt to make an upgrade from their existing mobile following the launch of three new Nokia handsets - the C3, C6 and E5.

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