Mobile recycling could get you online

22 April 2010 — 7:00 PM

Mobile recycling an option to consider?

A recent announcement from mobile phone networks T-Mobile UK and 3UK might see an increase in the uptake of handsets with internet access.

The joint plans follow on from the unveiling of the 10,000th 3G site in the UK by 3UK this January in Shooters Hill, south London.

Increased access to 3G services, thanks to the 98 per cent UK coverage the companies aim to achieve, may see higher levels of data use.

"Based on typical mobile broadband usage of three GB per month and 20 per cent of inhabitants on mobile broadband, each user can consume one GB per day. This is huge already," Stephane Teral, principal analyst for mobile and fixed-mobile convergence infrastructure at Infonetics Research.

He added the networks need to discover how much capacity is currently being consumed and how many people accessing mobile internet will use it heavily.

One phone with internet access that consumers may wish to upgrade to is an Apple iPhone 3GS.

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