Selling an old mobile could allow gamers to get an iPhone

23 April 2010 — 6:54 PM

Sonic game could tempt consumers to sell an old mobile.

Gaming fans may be excited to hear that classic Sega game Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is now available to download for users of the Apple iPhone.

Selling an old mobile phone with Envirofone may be something that gaming fans wish to consider in order to make an upgrade to a handset that allows them to play while on the move.

The game includes famous characters such as Sonic, Tails and Dr Robotnik and has downsized the classic 2D gameplay of the MegaDrive classic to accommodate the iPhone's touchscreen capabilities.

People wishing to get their hands on the game could opt to download it from the iTunes store for £3.49.

Consumers may find that an iPhone allows them to do far more than their existing handset allows as it offers internet access and a vast number of downloadable games and applications.

Details of a new iPhone model were published this week by gadget website Gizmodo after a device was lost by an Apple engineer.

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