Selling an old mobile could allow for new features to be used

23 April 2010 — 4:00 PM

Selling an old mobile could allow consumers to do more.

When selling an old mobile phone people may wish to consider which features of their handset they use least.

Recent research by Nokia found that the radio was the least used feature on a mobile phone with a 31 per cent majority of the vote.

However, people also suggested that although they use it least they would not like to lose it as an option on devices.

One commenter told Nokia Conversations Blog: "I guess I never used radio in my entire N82 usage during the last 27 months, but I wouldn't want it to be removed because in any emergency case it's the only reliable way of getting information."

When the poll was looked at from the other direction, the internet was found to be one of the most popular features included on new handsets.

Social networking fans may wish to purchase one of either the Nokia C6, C3 and E5, which have recently been launched.

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