Will the Google Nexus One encourage you to sell an old mobile?

27 April 2010 — 2:56 PM

Selling an old mobile could allow people to get a new BlackBerry.

Selling an old mobile phone may be something that people wish to consider as the Google Nexus One is soon to be made available on Vodafone.

Consumers hoping to get their hands of the much-hyped device can pre-order online to receive the handset when it is launched on April 30th.

Price plans for the phone will start at £25 per month on a 24-month contract, while it is available for free to those paying a monthly fee of £35 across the two-year period.

Features of the Nexus One include Google Maps Navigation, offering satellite-navigation style mapping with street view and turn-by-turn directions, which could ensure that users get to where they want to be more easily.

The handset will also allow for access to YouTube, GoogleMail and access to more than 40,000 applications via the Android Market.

Some sections of the media have previously billed the Nexus One as an "iPhone killer".

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