Consumers may want to get a Nokia N8 mobile phone

28 April 2010 — 7:00 PM

Mobile recycling could allow consumers to upgrade.

A new colourful mobile phone from Nokia could encourage consumers to make an upgrade from their existing handset.

The mobile operator has unveiled the N8 and revealed that it will be made available to buy in a range of different shades.

Nokia Conversations blogger Mike has asked readers to pick their favoured colour scheme from the blue, silver, orange, green and dark grey that is available.

Pinja Rouger, senior designer for colours and materials at Nokia, suggested that by using aluminium as a material it gave the company the possibility of making the most out of colours.

"To define the right colours for a product is quite a long process. What we do internally is understand different regions of the world and what colour preferences each country or area has," she said.

Photography fans may be attracted to the device's 12-megapixel camera, which will also offer users high-definition video recording.

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