Recycling an old mobile can protect the environment

29 April 2010 — 4:00 PM

Mobile recycling can protect the environment

Consumers may wish to consider mobile recycling an old phone with Envirofone, in order to protect the environment.

Envirofone will give you cash for your old mobile which could then be used to purchase a new device of your choice.

Allowing an old phone to go to landfill can harm the environment, with batteries causing much of the problem.

Nokia Convesations blog have revealed that removing the need for batteries is something that is being researched.

Jussi Ruutu, the Research leader for the Energy and Power Management team at the Nokia Research Centre in Helsinki, said: "There is lots of research around the world going on related to alternative power sources. There is perhaps no one clear global winner but rather new sources that are useful in different contexts."

He added that it is easy to power a wrist watch with a solar panel, but a much bigger solar panel or newer solar technologies would be needed to charge a mobile phone.

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