Mobile recycling could allow for a new music phone

30 April 2010 — 11:35 AM

Mobile recycling an option to consider?

Mobile recycling with Envirofone may be an option for consumers hoping to get their hands on a new phone with music capabilities.

Spotify is an application that is now available on some mobile phone - including the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - and could tempt people who love to listen to a range of music without the need for downloads.

It has recently been revealed that users of the program will soon be able to connect to Facebook inside of Spotify and will then be able to add all their Facebook friends who have selected the same feature.

This could allow for playlists to be shared and see a handset become a way to discover new music.

Paul Brindley, managing director of Music Ally, suggested the move will see Spotify be one step ahead of iTunes.

He said: "For iTunes, I think it's about whether they can change their model beyond the simple a la carte downloads which they currently offer, which is now beginning to look a little bit outdated."

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