Mobile recycling could allow for iPad purchase

11 May 2010 — 11:58 AM

Mobile recycling an option to get an iPad?

Consumers may wish to consider mobile recycling an old phone with Envirofone to receive cash to put towards a new Apple iPad.

The latest device from the software giant could be a tempting bit of technology as it allows users to browse the internet, send and receive email, read ebooks, watch high-definition videos and much more.

Vodafone has revealed its price plans for the device and will offer customers a 30-day period where they can choose to cancel at any time.

"Our 3G price plans for iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G offer customers great value on the UK's best network," said Guy Laurence, chief executive officer for Vodafone UK.

He added it is giving customers the chance to make the most of iPad at any time they choose.

The iPad, which is just 0.5 inches thick, could be a more convenient alternative to a netbook or laptop for people that want to stay in touch while on the move.

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