Mobile recycling could be an option for 'social networking generation'

25 May 2010 — 12:00 PM

Mobile phone users may wish to use the internet on the move.

Selling an old mobile with Envirofone to make an upgrade to a handset with on-the-go internet could allow people to communicate more easily, if recent suggestions are anything to go by.

Findings from the United Kingdom Online Measurement Company stated that 23 per cent of all time spent online by internet users in the UK is on social networks and blogging sites.

In comparison, the figure was just nine per cent in April 2007.

A new mobile phone could allow consumers to do more with their handset while on the move.

Tim Gibbon, co-founder and editor of the Social Media Portal, said: "Younger generations have grown up with the internet and would find it hard-pressed to imagine life without it. Social networks are an integral part of how they communicate with friends, family and now colleagues."

He added that young people are used to communicating through a variety of forms whenever they choose and make use of platforms such as social networks, microblogging and mobiles.

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