Sell an old mobile and 'use the internet whenever you like'

28 May 2010 — 8:17 PM

Sell an old mobile for cash.

Selling an old mobile with Envirofone could allow you to purchase a new smartphone with on-the-go access to social networking sites.

Recent findings from Sony Ericsson suggested a number of people are choosing to buy smartphones with internet capabilities, so they can interact with their friends and family online whenever they feel the need.

Jennifer L Jacobson, director of public relations at Retrevo and social media author, stated smartphones "are not only opening doors into social media in emerging markets, where people might not be able to afford or have the stability of desktop or laptop computers, they're also making social media ultra-portable".

She added this portability is part of what makes social networking so attractive, as people no longer need to be at a desk to use it.

Research from electronics site Retrevo revealed almost half of social media users check or update their Facebook and Twitter account in bed.

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